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1. General

SDT SARPER Makina San. ve Tic Ltd.Sti, which will be called as “SDT SARPER”  hereafter, adopts to protect the privacy of its web site visitors as a principle. Herewith, this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes what kind of information about the visitors (users) is taken by SDT SARPER, how they are used and where they are used and protected. Besides, it is also described here how you can control the validation of this information, and how you can ask this information to be deleted by applying to SDT SARPER whenever you want within the scope of this Privacy Policy. In order to process and utilize the mentioned information in line with the present and valid data protection arrangements, all the necessary operations will be accomplished by SDT SARPER.

This Privacy Policy is not valid for the other sites linked by SDT SARPER’s web site (hyperlinked web sites)

2. Collecting, Using and Processing of the Personal Information

The information of a specific person to be used and processed is only possible if this person enters data with his/her own will or if he/she gives consent explicitly. Data entering or giving an explicit consent in this respect is an indicator that this person agrees with the conditions stated below.

When visiting our web site, some information needed by the applications of system management, statistics and “back-up” will be stored automatically in our servers. The following is among these data: Your ISP’s name, your IP address sometimes, your web browser’s version, the operating system of the computer accessed, the web site providing link to us, the other web sites you visit while you are in our site and the search keywords you used to find our web page. This kind of information depending on the status, provides results about the web site visitor. But none of the personal information will be used in this frame. This kind of confidential data specific to a person can only be used by anonymizing. In the case of routing this information to an external service provider by SDT SARPER, the necessary technical and organizational processes will be performed in order to transfer them within the frame of the present legal regulations about data security

In case of giving your personal data with your own will, SDT SARPER commits that these information will be used as provided in the regulations or inclusive of the limitations stated in the visitor’s certificate of consent, will be operationalized or transferred. The transfer of the mentioned personal information to the third parties will be a matter solely when exacted by the judicial or administrative authorities or when the requirements of making a statement by the legislation.

The modifications related to this Privacy Policy will be published in this page. Within this framework, you will be informed up-to-date, which information about you will be stored and how this information will be used.

3. Security

SDT SARPER stores the information about you securely; so all the precautions are taken in order to protect the mentioned information against any loss, misappropriation or modification. In order to reach the necessary service to you, SDT SARPER is obliged to undisclose this information to its contractual partners having the authority of accessing your information, within the frame of the contractual liabilities and obliged not to use this information for any reasons. In some circumstances, your personal information will be needed to be shared with SDT SARPER companies. In these cases as well, your information will be mentioned confidentially.

4. Personal information about the children

SDT SARPER’s web site is obliged to be used by the adults and SDT SARPER’s web site is not oriented towards the kids. SDT SARPER is not interested in the information about the children younger than 14. SDT SARPER will provide clear guidance in a proper place of its web site to the mentioned children in order not to send the information about any people. If the parents or legal parents have doubts that the kids under their supervisions have sent information about any people to SDT SARPER, we kindly ask them to contact us immediately at the below address (see Item 6.) if they want the said information to be deleted. In such a case, the mentioned information will be erased right away.

5. Cookies

SDT SARPER is using cookies in order to make this web site to be used easily, excluding the original information sent to you in the cookie. Thus, when you return to our web site, it is possible to give you better services. Cookies are the small text files that enables the web pages to know the regular users, to make it easier to reach the web site for the users and to allow batch data to be collected and compiled. Cookies are sent to the users’ computers and stored there. Cookies are used to give you specific service and information as per your needs and advantages. The existent session control information in the cookies will allow you to use our web site more easily and faster as well as living your web experience in the best conditions.

The cookies in our site do not contain and disclose personal information. The information transferred by means of cookies is not used for the purpose of any promotion or marketing. SDT SARPER’s web pages follows the usages in order to enhance our web site’s usefulness and strength. However, these information can not be sold to the third parties and can not be shared with them under any circumstances.

By making necessary configurations in your web browser you are using, you can delete the preloaded cookies or you can bar the cookies to be loaded in future or you can provide that your browser would warn you during their loading (Browser bar `Tools’ – Internet Options). But we want to emphasize that the cookies might be needed to run our web site properly and to perform specific functions.

By using this site, you hereby accept that you will be depended on SDT SARPER’s Privacy Policy. If you do not accept SDT SARPER’s Privacy Policy, please do not use our web site. SDT SARPER holds the rights of this Privacy Policy  to modify by its own will, to remove some parts or to add new parts. Keeping on using this web page after the modifications are accomplished in this Privacy Policy is the commitment that you accept the changes in this Privacy Policy.

6. Your demands and questions

The stored information will be erased by SDT SARPER when the legal or contractual filing period is finished or when SDT SARPER does not need it any more. However, you can any time require to delete the information about you. Also in future, you can any time withdraw your consent about the use of your personal data or their process. In such cases or for any other questions regarding your personal information, you can refer us by e-mail. For your questions about your personal information storing or their usage area, you can contact us with the same method. Please make sure that we will do all our best to reply to your demands immediately.

7. Facebook Plugin Social

The plug-in link to social network managed by Facebook Inc. Dwelled at 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, U.S.A. may be placed in our web page.

These links can be put with the button of Facebook : “Like” in English or “Gefallt mir” in German. When you enter one of our pages having such a plug-in link, your browser links automatically to Facebook server and the plug-in link is shown in the display. Plug-in link lets Facebook server which of SDT SARPER’s site pages you visit. If you are a Facebook user and if you login to your Facebook account while visiting SDT SARPER’s site, Facebook records this information in your Facebook account.

If you use one of Plug-in link functions (e.g. if you click “Like” button or give a comment) this information will be recorded in your Facebook account as well. The information about Facebook’s information collection and use and your rights about protection of your personal information and utilities is founded in “data use policy` page in Facebook’s web site.

If you do not want the information of your visit at SDT SARPER’s site in your Facebook user account, please log out from your Facebook account before you visit our site.